I am a nationally accredited facilitator for ChurchSafe.

ChurchSafe workshops are designed to give clergy and lay leaders the practical skills to create and maintain safe places for their church communities. 

The workshops cover the following areas: 


What a safe church is.

What makes a person vulnerable. 

Child protection.

The legal duties of church leaders towards their communities.

Responding to allegations of abuse. 

Induction and supervision of volunteers. 

Church policies and procedures.


“You handled a potentially bored, jumpy, defensive, perhaps even aggressive large group with ease and aplomb. You didn’t waste time. You were precise, and focussed clearly on the issues. And you did this in a non-threatening, generous, encouraging – and witty – way. The humour was spontaneous, and made the group feel at ease.

Importantly, you made the essential message very clear, and you put it in non-threatening terms.

The two hours went very quickly. We probably could have done without the morning tea, because hearing you talk was so informative”

— The Very Reverend Dr John Shepherd, Dean of Perth

“Engaging, informative, clear and an excellent integration of Christian principles with practical legal information. Bernard is a fantastic facilitator. I was very impressed and happy to spend my Saturday morning doing this. 10 out of 10.”

— Kate


I am a consultant to church leaders on Persons of Concern.

People who have committed offences against children or other vulnerable people may seek or be part of a church group. 

These 'persons of concern' present many challengers to the church leaders.  

I work with chuch communities to help them to manage the risk to both them and the  person of concern so that they are safe places for all.